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This is Halloween 2009!

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A year-round celebration of Halloween.
Q. What is this community about?

Do full moons excite you beyond imagination?
Are your teeth rotting from excessive candy eating?
Are black cats right up your alley?
Are you having dreams instead of nightmares about Freddy Krueger?

..Then this is the place for you!

Hahaha..I know..that was the corniest..CORN. CANDY CORN!!!! AHHHHH!!

This is a community for all of you Halloween-obsessed people, like myself.

Post your Halloween rantings, past and future costume pictures, childhood memories, whatever. If it's Halloween, it's all good, right? Right.

Please only promote your community if it is directly related to Halloween and you ask first. Other than that, there aren't any rules. Just stay on topic and play nice by posting large pictures and/or entries behind a cut. Thank you!

-Favorite Thing About Halloween:
-Favorite Halloween Movie:
-Favorite Halloween Icon (Jack-o-lanterns, bats, black cats, etc..):
-Favorite Thing To Do During Halloween:
-Favorite Decoration:
-Favorite Halloween Monster/Villain:
-Favorite Local Haunt:
-What scent reminds you of Halloween?:
-What has been your best costume to date?:
-Which Halloween has been the most memorable to you, and why?:
-What has been your scariest Halloween moment?:
-Do you have any Halloween traditions?:
-Do you follow any Halloween superstitions?:
-What started your love for Halloween?:

Feel free to post any of your favorite pictures, recipes, or memories from Halloweens past!

This community was started and is maintained by v_gan.
(Any complaints or suggestions, please contact me.)


Get in the holiday spirit!:
Hundreds of Halloween Links
Horror on TV

Everyone knows Halloween is the coolest holiday ever..so join!


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